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Joints Osteoarthritis

Leg / Arm

Joint osteoarthritis results from excessive wear and tear on the normally slippery cartilage in joints over time. Without the protective cartilage, pain, stiffness and swelling ensue in the affected joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and has no impact on the internal organs as rheumatoid arthritis does. Osteoarthritis can commonly occur over time during the normal aging process, but certain risks factors such as being overweight or having sports or repetitive-motion injuries are often contributory. Stiffness upon arising or after remaining still for prolonged periods of time, swelling in the joints and a feeling of bone rubbing on bone are symptoms of joint osteoarthritis. Diagnosis can be made by imaging, blood tests or examination of joint fluid. Treatment consists of injection of local anesthetic and steroids into the painful joint (or in the case of the knee, a solution including hyaluronic acid) utilizing ultrasound guidance for proper placement.

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