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Patient Stories


“When I returned to Michigan from Arizona, where I had lived for the last 30 years, one of my first projects was to find a good pain doctor. I had been seeing one in Arizona for years and wasn’t able to get much relief. I was on heavy duty pain meds and had suffered through many epidurals. I called one of the hospitals in the area and talked with a nurse and told her my dilemma. I asked her if she needed to send her own mother to a pain doctor, then to whom would she send her. She immediately recommended Dr. Razmig Haladjian of the Michigan Spine Clinic in Brownstown.

This journey has been one of the best of my life. Dr. Haladjian immediately got me off of the heavy duty medications. A few months after starting treatment he recommended a Spinal Cord Stimulator for my problem. We did the trial and it worked so well!

Dr. Haladjian and his staff are the best I have ever worked with. From the doctor, to the receptionist and office manager, they are a compassionate and caring team.

Dr. Haladjian has become my hero. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”


“My name is Beryl and I am 89 years old. I was recommended to Dr. Haladjian by another doctor. I was suffering from a terrific pain in my back. After examination, Dr. Haladjian found I had a fracture in my back. He cemented the fracture but I still had pain from a pinched nerve. He then performed a procedure called MILD procedure which took a just a short amount of time. Since then I have not suffered from any pain in my back. I am very grateful to Dr. Haladjian.”

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